Are you Getting Really Bad Pimples? -What about Essential Oils for Acne

What About Essential Oils for Acne?

Acne is not simply the hormonal and young skin issue – from bad weather flare-ups to allergic reactions; our skin may still break out diverse ways well even beyond adolescence! There are several types of treatment, such as drying lotions or spot gel, which we can utilize to expel our zits, though these could also take their peel on your skin. What about essential oils for acne? Are there any? Fortunately, essential oils are a great skin care solution that is totally natural and not likely to trigger your sensitive skin.

These oils are the backbone of the majority of the most famous skincare products nowadays, and by utilizing them while in their pure form, you might get all their advantages without any irritating chemicals or additives! This article gives an ultimate guide to essential oils for Acne.

What causes pimples?

Pimples begin when skin flakes and sebum (skin oil) blocks your pores. When pores become clogged, they turn to a breeding environment for bacteria, which triggers acne. Dabbing a topical bacteria-killing oil to your face is one of the solutions for your skin problems.

Why are the essential oils for acne becoming popular?

Pimples are perennial skin issues that affect individuals of all ages. There are numerous forms of treatments available on the market which promise to expel your zits; nevertheless, some of these treatments can trigger drying or harsh effects on your skin, so even if the acne vanishes, your skin might feel irritated and dry. Others contain allergens which might worsen a skin condition.

Essential oils provide a bit milder, totally natural solution to your skin worries. Of course, we all want to eliminate pimples from the skin, though not at the cost of destroying the best parts of our face. Various essential oils can get rid of various types of acne without irritating the skin. Cystic pimples that hide under the surface of the skin can be removed using a stimulating oil, while acnes that are filled with pus and already pronounced require a calming oil to expel them out.

When utilized appropriately, the essential oils can treat breakouts when they pop-out and prevent acne. Below are some of the acne-fighting essential oils that you may want to utilize to solve your skincare issues:

What about essential oils for acne?

Oregano essential oil

Antibacterial and antiseptic, this oil is best utilized as a spot solution for acne that has already popped out. You need to dilute it using a carrier oil such as jojoba and dab it softly on your acnes to assist your skin from drying out.

Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon is a great oil product that has been proven to fight acne effectively. It also reduces cholesterol levels and reduces menstrual pain.Cinnamon Essential Oil - Forever Young Tips

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil best for managing the production of sebum, which ensures your pores are clearer and makes your skin less oily. It is anti-inflammatory as well, as it reduces puffiness and solves redness from regular breakouts without triggering further irritation.

Learn more about organic essential oils.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is another anti-inflammatory type of treatment that gets rid of the inflammation and swelling of the bacterial pimple. Irritated pores might result in noticeable blackheads, which are certainly noticeable in pale skin and might be unsightly as acnes. The menthol found in peppermint oil solves this by reducing redness and decongesting your skin.Peppermint Essential Oil - Forever Young Tips

Frankincense essential oil

Dry skin is the weakness of getting flared up into a full-on bunch of acnes and getting irritated. This essential oil is popular for being soft on nearly any type of skin, relieving dry and sensitive skin, and healing scars triggered by popped acnes.

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree is an essential oil that has long been popular for its anti-inflammatory features and one of the best oils to treat a pimple. It kills any type of bacteria that might be causing your skin to break out and assists your acnes in drying out and eventually disappear. However, it is a very strong antiseptic oil, so you should utilize it sparingly on the affected areas, then top it up with a moisturizer to help keep the parts from totally drying out.

Essential oil blending guide.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon oil is full of skin-brightening Vitamin C and antioxidants. It can help de-clog your pores and clarify your skin, preventing further break out. It is also great at speeding up your skin’s healing since it is a mild natural exfoliant that maintains wounds free from microbes.

Lavender essential oil

Cystic pimple does not respond to your average treatment of spot, as these acnes prowl deep underneath the skin and might take a couple of days to surface. This type of essential oil is an antimicrobial, gentle solution that will help calm hurting swellings and assist them in surfacing without affecting the rest of your face.

Additionally, lavender oil puts you in a cool mood and enhances your sleep cycle, which might get rid of frequent breakouts.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Pus-filled acne and boils can be very hurting. What this essential oil does is to assist these acnes in bursting and drying out safely. The oil is antimicrobial, calming, and bets for preventing infections, thus popped acne can get treated without any risk of further spreading bacteria or wounding.

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When not to use essential oils for acne

What About Essential Oils for Acne?Although essential oils are best for treating acne, some individuals are allergic to particular plants and oils, and it may worsen their skincare problems. This is mainly common in persons who have pollen allergies. If you realize that your nose is getting runny or rashes appearing on your face after you dome some oil on your skin, you should stop using that oil instantly!

Bottom line

If you are not sure what is causing your acne or if your acnes are a recurring issue, you ought to always contact a dermatologist in order to get at the bottom of the issue. When essential oils are used carefully, they cause pretty much positive impacts than damage, but it is always better to consult a professional who can assist you in managing your treatment effectively.

  • It’s always good to see what options there are available for acne sufferers. I never thought oiling your already ‘oily’ skin would be another effective method to combat acne! This is a huge discovery for me. You have recommended a list of oils that are helpful for facial acne. I have tried the tea tee oil in the past with little benefits. I will look into getting the peppermint oil this time and see how it goes with that.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Thank you Habib for your through comment. People typically think that they can’t use oil on oily skin. It’s not really the truth. I guess you are talking about carrier oils and it deffinitelly matters what carrier oil you will choose. Not every oil is suitable. When it comes to essential oils, as you can see in the post, there is much more options for acne prone skin.

  • Lucas Moore

    Pimples can be annoying. it is important to know that Sensitive skin can be either dry or oily, and can sometimes occur   alongside allergies, eczema, and other skin conditions.
    If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to steer clear of oils that are highly acidic, such as lemon and lemongrass. thank you very much for the clear details in this article. it is really helpful.

  • Bogadi

    Thank you for this informative article, It somehow gives me courage to wanna give my skin attention again. My challenge is not pimples but blemishes, I have tried many thing but the challenge still remains. Will look into your recommended essential oils hope to get some breakthrough there. I am a lover of oils and I am looking forward to enjoy as I explore.

  • Toni

    Pimples! What a nuisance. I can really appreciate this article. It is true that it is not just an issue for young skin.

    I never considered using an essential oil, and I can’t believe that it is milder than skin care products. I always have peppermint and lavender oil at home so I will try using essential oil on my next break out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • LineCowley

    Thank you for a very helpful and informative post on essential oils for acne. It makes so much more sense to use a natural product, like essential oils, on the delicate skin of your face., and avoid harsh chemicals that could make it worse. 

    The only essential oil that I was aware of that is good for skin conditions, is tea tree oil, so you have presented me with a great list of essential oils that can also be used effectively. 

  • Energy Kadango

    I like everything natural. All the plants that grow on earth serve a purpose. It is up to us human beings to search and find that purpose for the plants. All these essential oils come from the plants. The world would be a better place if we only used natural unrefined products. When we take some of these laboratory made chemicals and put them on our skin, we do not know what chemicals they have put into the products and what are the side effects for our skin. I will go for  the natural essential oils instead of the lab chemicals. Thank you for sharing.

    • ola.young

      I appreciate your opinion and agree with you. Natural products are always better option, unfortunatelly not many people agree with us. Essential oils can be used so many ways and treat so many skin issues and other problems. 

  • Imelda

    Great article,

    It is always good to see people using natural treatments as a cure rather than harsh medications so easily issued out by doctors. This especially good because so many younger people do not see the benefit of natural products as much so this is great for them.

    I have shared this article with my nieces who are all worried about acne with their skin and I know they will share with their friends.

    Thank you so much

    • ola.young

      Dear Imelda, you are absolutely right. Luckily enough, essential oils again came back to the fashion so hopefully young generation will realize soon all the benefits. Thanks for sharing the article. 

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