Diatomaceous Earth: Powerful Supplement

Diatomaceous Earth Skin Care Supplement

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Diatomaceous earth also known as diatomite or amorphous silica, is a powder made from fossilized water organisms called diatoms. Deposits of silica are mainly found in aquatic environments such as lakes, rivers and oceans. Researchers have ranked diatomite as one of the most versatile and cheap health and industrial input.

Types of Diatomaceous earth

There two broad classes of amorphous silica:

Food grade– Also known as human-grade diatomite, this is the type of silica safe for human consumption. Human-grade diatomaceous earth is safe to ingest and has a list of endless benefits in the human body. Human-grade can be used topically or taken as a health supplement.

Filter grade– Also known as industrial grade silica, filter grade diatomite is unsafe for human consumption but a prevalent raw material in industries. To make filter grade diatomite, amorphous silica is treated with high heat and is converted from a powder to a crystalline form. This greatly enhances its filtering property.


Major health benefits of Diatomaceous earthDiatomaceous Earth Skin Care Supplement

Boosts hair growth– Did you know that close to 90% of human hair is made of silica? Studies have shown that taking food grade silica can help repair lost hair. This is why many products used to reverse balding are formulated with silica. Silica can promote the rapid growth of healthy and strong hair.

• Several studies have shown that consuming food grade silica improves bone metabolism and improves the production of collagen, a major structural component of bones. If sufficient silica is present in the body, other connective tissues such as joints are protected from deterioration.

Lowers cholesterol levels– A few research findings suggest the possibility of silica reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. The presence of this compound in the body has the effect of reduced cholesterol absorption in the blood. However, studies on this aspect are still limited, and one should consult a health specialist before embarking on such a regime.Diatomaceous Earth Skin Care Supplement

Silica and skin care

This is arguably the most popular use of commercial and dietary silica supplements in the modern world. Now that maintaining a youthful skin has become a very crucial aspect of many people’s lives, new ways of preventing quick aging of the skin are being derived each day. Silica has won the hearts of many beauty enthusiasts as it is a very versatile, cheap and safe skin product. Diatomaceous earth has been used in the skin care field in the following ways:

As an absorbent – The tiny spherical particles of silica absorb unwanted skin secretions such as sweat and oil. If these wastes continually adsorb on the skin surface, its appearance may be compromised due to light reflection. The topical application of silica ensures that the skin is always glowing.

As an anti-inflammatory – The skin is a sensitive tissue and on exposure to unfavorable conditions, it can develop very displeasing inflammations. Skin inflammation, especially on the face, leaves scars on healing, a significant turn off point and self-esteem killer in many people. Diatomaceous earth comes to the rescue of people with sensitive skin as it a perfect natural remedy for skin inflammations and related skin conditions.

As an anti-wrinkle agent – wrinkle-free skin is highly sought for by people, especially women, as they get old. Diatomaceous earth enhances the production of collagen, a protein that keeps the skin elastic and wrinkles free hence helping people maintain a young skin for long.

Side effects of using silica

The significant side effect of silica use is breathing difficulties. If the tiny particles of amorphous silica find their way into the breathing tract and into the lungs, one may develop breathing problems and lung complications such as asthma and the worst, lung cancer. People who use silica are also at risk of tuberculosis. Care should hence be taken not to breathe in silica particles when using it.


Other minor side effects of diatomaceous earth are stomach upset, hypoglycemia and allergic reactions like skin rashes. The key to using this health supplement without experiencing these side effects is ensuring that you do not have underlying medical conditions.

Other Uses of Diatomaceous earth

Since silica is a free resource widely distributed worldwide, it has found many uses other than in the beauty industry. Silica is used for household purposes such as water purification and driving away insects and bugs. In water purification, silica is a perfect filter aid thanks to its fine particles. Diatomaceous earth works as a pesticide in two ways. First, it penetrates the waxy coating of insects, injuring their inner organs. Due to its porous nature, diatomite also draws fluid out of insect’s bodies and dehydrates them to death.

In conclusion, we can say that diatomaceous earth is so far a valuable compound in personal care products, cosmetics and industrial products. Since this is a free resource, we can expect nothing less than more uses from this compound. If you are looking for a superior, cheap and safe anti-aging compound, you should give diatomaceous earth a try.

  • Rick

    That is very interesting to know that silica is also used for skincare. And since the earth’s crust is made up of almost 60 silica, we all should be using this skincare product. Of all the uses I know of silica I did not know it was good for your bodies albeit as long as we don’t breathe it in. It seems you can put it everywhere else on the body but in the lungs. Very interesting article thank you.

    • ola.young

      Thank you for your comment Rick. You are so right, that’s why I highly recommend to get this supplement. I use it almost every day and very happy with the results.

  • I love everything about skincare and so glad I came across this article. I never even knew what silica was or that it had health benefits. I’ll definitely think about investing in some. Thanks for sharing!

  • Never heard of diatomaceous earth before even though it goes back to as early as the 1830s.

    Interesting to know that the human hair is made up of around 90% Silica but what I don’t like are the side-effects that can come with Silica.

    Even if the chance of side-effects affecting you are extremely low, all it takes is for you to be that unlucky person.

    I can see that Silica obviously is used in many applications with beauty products up there amongst the most popular.

    Thank you for educating me in the ways of Silica and sharing this very interesting post.

    Diatomaceous earth

    • ola.young

      Hi Mick. I am glad you find some new information. I know, diatomaceous earth got a little disadvantage too, but other than that it’s a great helper. I posted this article to let people know that they don’t have to purchase expensive products all the time. There is still a lot of great options which are actually very cheap.

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