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More than 50% of the adult population across the globe experience occasional headaches. Aromatherapy is a proven option for treating migraines and headaches. It entails the use of essential oils to reduce stress and improve circulation via sensory stimuli (scent). Read on to find out more…

Why it’s Recommended

Headaches and migraines are reoccurring problems among many people. In most cases, people rush to get prescription medications when they suffer from these problems. However, the problem with over-the-counter medications is that they can cause side effects if used regularly.

There are no side effects associated with the regular use of essential oils as headaches and migraines relief. Since they are natural products, essential oils also promote the general health of your body.

How We Can Use Essential Oils for Treating Headaches/Migraines

There are various ways you can use essential oils to relieve you from headaches or migraines. These include;

  • Applying oil on the forehead: Before you apply essential oils across your forehead or any part of your skin, always ensure that they are diluted by using a carrier oil. Some of the common carrier oils are coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Once you have diluted, you can gently apply the oil across your forehead.
  • Inhaling oil: If you don’t want your forehead to remain oily, you can choose to inhale the oil. In this case, add a few drops of essential oil on a tissue, hold the tissue close to your nose, and then breathe deeply to absorb the oil into your body.
  • Add essential oil into your bath: You can add essential oil into a hot bath to relax your body and treat a headache.
  • Using a compress: Soak a towel or cloth in cold water that contains drops of essential oil, and then gently rub the towel on your forehead or neck.

What Oils Are Good For Headaches?

Some of the essential oils you can use as migraines or headaches relief include:

The scent in lavender oils is effective in stress relief and relaxation. As a result, lavender oil is useful for treating migraines and headaches that are caused by stress. The ability of this oil to relieve stress also allows you to sleep well, thus treating the migraines that are caused by poor sleeping patterns.

Peppermint oil is one of the most popular oils for treating migraines and headaches. It contains methanol that is effective in relaxing your muscles and easing pain. Also, it is known to have a pleasant cooling effect on the skin that prevents muscle contractions in your head while also allowing blood to flow in that area.

Rosemary oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are essential in pain relief, stress reduction, and improved blood circulation. All these properties are effective in treating migraines and headaches. Besides, it also helps to relax your muscles and reduce insomnia, thus effective in curing sleep-related headaches.

This type of oil helps to soothe your muscles and relax your body, making it ideal for treating tension headaches. It also reduces anxiety and depression, which are known to cause headaches.

Any Risks?

Applying essential oils on your skin can lead to irritation or an allergic reaction. Always ensure that you dilute essential oils with a carrier oil before using them on your skin. It is essential to stay safe when using essential oils. Before you start your essential oil journey, we recommend second edition of Essential Oil Safety.  This amazing book will learn you how to use essential oils safely with recommended doses and concentrations. You will find out everything about hazards and risks.

For pregnant women and infants under the age of 1, it is recommendable to confirm with a medical professional whether an essential oil is safe before using it. This also applies to people with preexisting medical conditions such as asthma and heart problems.

  • Hello, thank you for the ideas. I couldn’t sleep during midnight, and seems it becomes very annoying to me. I will try this method and back to normal and hope I will have a gooood sleep!

    • HI Ling, thank you. Well for the good sleep I would definitely recommend you Lavender oil, that’s my number one or Jasmine oil. Both are also great for relaxation and stress relief. Take care.

  • Hello! I just did a post of my own on Aromatherapy! I love that you went specifically for the headache/ migraine angle! Let’s face it, it is quite easy to get one during those time!
    Until Next Time

    • Hello, great to hear you are also a true Aromatherapy lover. Headaches and migranes are a big problem nowadays, and I remamber myslelf eating loads of pills without any result back in days. Now, I only use essential oils as it always helps! Have a great day.

  • Great information, I suffer from migraines and have tried essential oils to help. I really like peppermint and lavender they really are good.
    I hadn’t heard of the others so they are my next ones to try.


  • I use Young Living essential oils all the time – those are my go to relief if I have any aches or pains. I also diffuse in my home instead of lighting up candles. Its a healthier and safer alternative. I’ve been happy with the Young Living brand. Do you recommend a specific brand to use? What carrier oil do you prefer?

    • ola.young

      Dear Dana,
      Lovely to hear you are happy with your brand and you actively use essential oils. I do agree with you, diffusing is not only great alternative to candles. I really love EcoDrop essential oils because this brand has organic essential oils. The other fantastic brand is Barefut. I enjoy a lot of carrier oils. For example grapeseed oil is awesome for massages,blends of argan oil, rosehip or pemegranate seed oil I use for the skin.You can find more useful articles about correct using of oils on our web.

  • Thanks for the ideas. I hate headaches and when I use over the counter headache remedies I end up with a different form of headache sometime in the near future. I actually had a headache this morning and used a yoga technique and it went a way.

    I have use lavender oil in the past (and have lavender growing outside). I used it for changing my mood… it really works. I didn’t know it could help with headaches. I wasn’t aware of using carrier oil either, so thanks again for that tip.

    many blessings…. Brian

    • Hi Brian, you are very welcome. You can be sure that we all hate headaches. Great to hear you use a yoga techiques for your headaches, I also find it as a great way how to deal with tension or stress.
      Yes, it is really good to use carrier oils especially if you suggest to put essential oil directly on the skin, my recommendation is to blend oils for your bath too, rather then add pure essential oil in there. Some essential oils might cause you irritation or burns. Stay safe while using your oils:-)

  • I prefer using peppermint oil to treat my headaches over something like Ibuprofen or other OTC medications. I usually rub it on my temples and it really does help the headache almost immediately. I always have some on hand. I managed to find one that comes diluted that Is meant to be put on your skin and that’s what I use. Great article! Lots of helpful tips and info, like putting the oils in a hot bath. Never thought of that.

    • Dear Erika, thank you, I am happy you enjoyed the article. I definitely do agree with you when it comes to using essential oils over the OTC medications. My number one for headaches is peppermint oil too! That’s really great to hear you are using diluted oil. It’s really important not to put pure essential oil directly on our skin. Just remamber if you ever decide to make a bath with your favourite essential oil, it’s essential to use carrier oil as well.

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