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Essential oils are remarkable due to their splendid and striking aroma, but they also contain outstanding health benefits. Such include lowering the body’s inflammation, improving digestion, controlling skin issues, hair nourishment, and quickening the body’s healing skin and building the body’s overall immunity.

These oil types are usually extracted from flowers, seeds, and leaves. They represent a form of alternative medicine that utilizes various plant extracts to sustain wellness. Furthermore, they are used in aromatherapy. The unique aromatic compound in every type of essential oil extract makes each have a distinctive yet spectacular feel.

Different Use of Essential Oils

Mostly, people use essential oils by inhaling them directly from the bottle or through a humidifier or diffuser. Besides, you can also dilute the oils using a carrier oil, especially if the aroma of the essential oil is too strong for you. Afterward, you then apply it openly on your skin. Still, some people prefer to add a mixture of essential oils and a carrier oil to a shampoo or body wash.

You can apply the essential oils on the top of your head, on your neck, behind your ears, and also within the temples of your head.

Benefits Essential Oil

Risks of Essential Oils

Most people use essential oils for their wellness, cleaning routines, as well as for beauty. However, there’s still a concern whether these highly concentrated plant extracts are usually safe for everyday usage. Whenever they are administered wrongly, you may experience an outbreak of skin rashes, or other possible side effects such as headaches and asthma attacks, when inhaled by some people.

It is also critical to note that the safety of a particular essential oil fragrance depends on various factors such as age, health status, and current medication and supplement usage.

Other essential oils can also be poisonous to the body when absorbed directly on the skin. Some fragrances such as lime, orange, and lemon, may lead to phototoxicity in case you apply before sun exposure.

For you to minimize the risks of the oil, it is crucial to consider important aspects like the dosage, chemical purity and composition, method, and duration of usage. Before you start with essential oils I would highly recommend to know more about essential oil safety.

A List of Essential Oils and Their Benefits

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil– It is one of the best-scented essential oils that almost everyone loves. People use it as a form of an energy booster. It also offers various health benefits like relieving heartburns, regulating skin issues, digestive issues, nasal congestions, and headaches. It also has a calming effect and aids in reducing stress and anxiety issues.
  2. Tea Tree Oil– is a powerful essential oil with a strong medicinal scent. People use it as antifungal and antibacterial solutions. It is also used commonly when diluted, to care for wounds and skin infections, and also to control dandruffs. It acts as an insect repellant.
  3. Chamomile Essential Oil– it is a flowery-scented oil, which people describe as pleasant and calming. People use it to mostly lower anxiety, induce sleep, reduce stress, and encourage relaxation of both body and mind. Lavender Essential Oil Benefit
  4. Lavender Essential Oil– people describe this fragrance as a gentle and soothing scent. Because of its great form of relaxation, it turns out to be exceptional massage oil whenever mixed with a carrier oil. Most people find this form of essential oil as beneficial in reducing body inflammation, regulate skin issues, improve the digestion system, and quicken the body’s healing process through strengthened immunity.
  5. Bergamot Essential Oil– this unique-scented essential oil is used to enhance body lotions, massage oils, and colognes. It also boosts the mood by reducing stress levels and welcoming positive feelings. Furthermore, it helps in fighting body inflammation.
  6. Jasmine Essential Oil– this is a sweet-scented essential oil that is commonly used for fragrances. It presents in solvent form and is pretty expensive when compared to various essential oils. Its aphrodisiac effect is perfect for heightening one’s mood.

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If you wish to see any other oil featured here in this list of benefits,please inform me through the comments below.

Why to Use Essential Oils

Presently, essential oils are recommended in daily life usages. While you should use these oils for health issues that present suddenly,possibly their most valuable usage includes the maintenance of the constant best health condition. Think of essential oils as you would a vital dietary supplement. Whenever you use supplements, you offer your body the nutrients it requires to function appropriately. Generally, it is now accepted that; whenever you use essential oils regularly, you aim at attaining your desired and excellent health results.

  • Thanks for the informative post about essential oil. I’m a big fan of using essential oil for its healing benefits. Is interesting when you mentioned about the risk and side effects such as headache, etc which I never thought of.
    Thanks again for sharing.
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    • Hi Benson, Thank you, I am happy to help. Yes, use of essential oils can be really tricky but deffinitelly worth it for its various benefits. Have a lovely day:-)

  • I haven’t been aware that Essential oils can be helpful for health.
    Great to know that there are many kinds of essential oils.
    My favorite one is Lavender Essential Oil.
    By the way, thank you for pointing out that there is a potential risk of using it.
    Your audience, including myself, can have better confidence in you once you provide all the factors of the products.
    Have a great day.

    • Hi Jason, thank you I am really happy that you find my article useful and that you are now more aware of potential risks. If you are missing out some other oils just let me know, I am happy to update the article. You can look forward to the new posts regarding oils in future as well.

  • Hi,

    This post was very helpful. I too use essential oils in my daily routine. I have a pillow spray, with an oil to rub on my body. It’s very relaxing.

    As well as using oils in the steam room also.

    Speak soon and stay safe

    • Hello, many thanks. I am so glad to hear that you use EO in your daily routine, great job! Do not forget to check out our future articles. We are planning to add more tips how to use essential oils. Have a great day.

  • Bbeautiful website and contents. I love natural oils – best alternative to any pharmaceutical medicines!

    Thank you for this lovely post.


    • Dear Habib,
      Many thanks. Yes I deffinitelly agree with you. It is really great alternative to a medicine, especially if you do not have any pre existing medical conditions. If you do, I would strongly recommend to get in touch with your GP first. Take care:-)

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