Natural and Organic Skin Care Products – The Truth Behind the Labels

Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

Many people work hard to maintain their beauty, especially females. They usually use a lot of money and go the extra mile of searching for various beauty products to enhance their beauty. Caring for your skin is one of the easiest ways you can make sure that you achieve long term skin radiance and health. The organic beauty products comprise 95 percent natural products and at least 10 percent organic ingredients. These organic products have several raw components that make it easier for them to protect the skin from damage. The natural skin products combine essential minerals, botanicals, and vitamins that heal and restore the skin look. Below are some of the important things that you should know about organic and natural skincare products.

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Can we trust the labels on skincare products?

Is it just a trend, or does all-natural skincare work? Yes, we trust labels in skincare products. When we buy organic beauty products, we expect them to be good for our bodies, free from harmful chemicals, and not involve genetic engineering. Other people expect organic components to be more ethically raised, nutritious, and sustainably grown. As a result, many people try to seek out organic beauty products formulated from non-toxic and healthy ingredients. Unfortunately, it is not easy for them to recognize the brand which is healthy for them and the environment. If it is important for the consumers to be informed so that they can buy safe products. However, labels are good due to the following reasons:

– The label will enable you to know what the product is (eye cream or serum) and its purpose( acne-prone, dry skin, and anti-aging.

– It can also provide insight into ingredients used to make the product and be cruelty-free, organic, and eco-friendly.

– The labels contain instructions such as “using the product incorrectly or too much can lead to serious consequences.”

– Therefore, the labels will offer you the in-depth steps of using the product to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Most importantly, if you study carefully, you can get all-natural skincare, which can work for your skin tone.


What it means when you buy a skincare product, and it says”All Natural,” “Natural,” “Non-toxic,” “Naturally derived,” or “Organic.”

It is a new designation that is usually used for marketing purposes. When manufacturers claim their products are non-toxic, it implies that they have left out the ingredients linked to causing harmful responses to human beings such as hormonal disruptions, neuro disruption, and cancer.

The use of the word organic means that the product is legal and regulated by a certified body as the FDA and USDA. Therefore, you should expect to see a logo accompanying the product. If you see the logo, it implies that all ingredients have been grown and processed with a strict code of cleanliness and free from harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.


Typically, it implies nothing. The term is unregulated and should be considered as a pure strategy for marketing the product. It implies that some natural ingredients have been used in producing the product. However, a product can be labeled as natural and yet contain synthetic ingredients of about 20 percent. Therefore, you should look at the product to see it has ingredients made in the lab, such as nitrocellulose or ethyl acetate.

Naturally delivered
When a product is labeled naturally delivered, its ingredients are picked directly from the trees and added to the product. Instead, it implies that the ingredients are derived from natural products or plants such as coconuts and sunflowers.


In the past decade, the market has been flooded with many organic and natural beauty products. Although the term “ natural” is not regulated, the “organic” term can or should only be used when a certified organization has certified the products.

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FDA’s legal authority over beauty products is different from other products that it regulates, such as medical devices, biologics, and drugs. The law does not require organic products to be FDA-approved before they are released to the market. In general, apart from the products with added additives, the manufacturer may use any ingredient from cosmetic products that:

– It must contain only organically produced ingredients, excluding salt and water.

– The product is labeled properly.

– The finished and ingredient cosmetic product is safe under customary or labeled conditions.

– The use of the ingredient does not cause the cosmetic to be misbranded or adulterated under the FDA’s laws.

Since there are no laws that require specific products to demonstrate the safety of the organic products, the companies which produce them have a legal responsibility of ensuring that they offer safe products.

Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

Is natural or organic skincare always a better option?

Let’s have a look at the benefits:


One of the advantages of using organic skincare products is that you can get several unique products to choose from in the market. Suppose you consider skin moisturizing, bathing products, appearance-enhancing natural makeup, and general skin cleansing. In that case, you can get to understand that organic skincare products can be found in various ingredients. It is possible to select fruit bases, nuts, vegetables, and organic herbal products.

Long term results

By eliminating synthetic chemicals and toxins from your beauty lifestyle, your skin will respond well to the ingredients you use. For instance, you can compare the benefits you can get by using a formaldehyde product versus using one with lactic acid. Although both are considered to be alpha hydroxy acids, one is derived naturally and the other organically. Fortunately, your skin can react better to natural components by offering instant and long term results.

Protects the skin

Sometimes the human is subjected to harsh environmental conditions which lead to cell damage. Organically made products are very rich in natural antioxidant components effective in body repair and skin healing. Additionally, organic products are good anti-inflammatory solutions. For instance, the avocado oil contains essential natural nutrients such as vitamins E, D, B12, B, and A, which are useful in treating psoriasis.

Help in preserving the environment

Typically, organic products are grown naturally, making them free from fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Therefore, they do not leave any harmful chemicals in the air, water, or soil. Conversely, organic farming is better for wildlife since it causes a lower population and produces less dangerous wastes and gases such as carbon dioxide. When you use organic products, you support the sustainability of the environment and minimize environmental impact.

They do not disturb body hormones

In case you have thought that beauty products are only skin deep, you are wrong. Many of the artificially made beauty products contain chemicals or ingredients which lead to endocrine disruption. Such chemicals end up messing with the hormone-producing organs leading to mood swings and hormonal imbalances. On the other hand, natural is better as it does not contain chemicals that can disrupt body hormones. It is good to train yourself to read product labels to avoid products that can damage your body.

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Although there are great benefits we need to bear in mind possible disadvantages:

Organic products should not contain preservatives. Although it is good news for your skin, you should be careful since they do not last long. Therefore, if you use them beyond their expiry date, they can harm your skin. However, you can easily tell when your organic product has expired. Their consistency and smell will change if you notice that you should throw them away in many cases.

They do not have vibrant colors

Many people love to buy beauty products with bright colors to apply to their eyes, lips, face, or other body parts. Sadly, many of the bright colors do not come naturally. They are usually made and enhanced by artificial ingredients. If you wish to buy organic products, you might be limited to the number of shades since most of them may not be eye-catching.

Slow to act

Another disadvantage of using organic products is that they are very slow in producing meaningful results. You may be required to use a product for more than one or two months to achieve the kind of look you want in many cases.

Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

What to be aware of when purchasing natural or organic skincare products

Triggers allergies

There are some organic products that do have allergens. Therefore, you should consider the possible allergens present in the kind of organic product you want to buy. In many cases, if you decide to use alternative ingredients, even if they are fruit or oil derivatives, they can still trigger some skin reactions.

Expire date

Medical experts recommend that individuals who use organic products must be careful since they do not have preservatives. As a result, it implies that organic products expire faster than other products, especially when exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Arguably, without preservatives, bacteria and germs are likely to grow faster in organic products to heat. Most importantly, the products must be consumed immediately as soon as they are opened and strictly follow the expiry date.

Knowing your skin

You may switch to organic products in some cases due to the recommendation from other people close to you, such as family members and friends. However, before you try new organic products, you should always know that our skin types vary. Therefore, everything that might work for your friend might not work. Arguably, your skin could be highly sensitive, and taking care of it might need other alternatives.

On the other hand, once switching to a particular product, you should monitor issues such as skin rashes, peeling and drying of complexion, more oily skin, bumps, and itching skin. If you notice changes, then you should avoid the product before you ruin your body skins.

Investigate unregulated or regulated claims

Investigating can be though since governments do not regulate the beauty product. But you should pay close attention when you get a brand that claims that their product is organic or natural. Anything that the brand says about their products, you should ensure that you do your research by confirming if the information is indeed true. If you fail, you determine if the brand’s claims are true, you can consider the label.

Consider the available minerals

Before you switch to organic products, you should check if it has natural ingredients such as:
Unrefined nut and vegetable oils are the best for the hair and skin as they offer super moisturizing power.
Vitamins- Look for a product with vitamin A to assist in moisturizing your scalp, skin, enhancing skin elasticity, and improving the texture of damaged skin. Vitamin B-makes it easy for dry skin to heal faster. Vitamin C- brightening the skin- Vitamin E – acts as an antioxidant, softening the skin and enhancing UV blockers’ performance.


Ask dermatologist

Many people shy off asking their dermatologists if they can use the organic products as it will imply that they will avoid using the current prescriptions. Medical professionals should be open since their clients are willing to try other products. On the other hand, the clients should be open to what they are told by the dermatologists, such as the advantages and disadvantages of using organic products for skin care.
On the other hand, you should avoid products with ingredients such as vinyl chloride, methylene chloride, chloroform, chlorofluorocarbon, and bithionol.


Currently, many consumers are educating themselves on skincare ingredients to make informed decisions about their products’ efficacy and safety. As a result, when they are in the market and looking for the right beauty products, they try to look for the product information or label. On the other hand, as the organic market expands, the number of manufacturers for beauty products will also increase. Sadly, many producers might aim to make huge profits and might offer the best consumers. Therefore, consumers need to be aware of the strategies of determining between fake and real organic products. Some of the strategies they can use include knowing your skin, investigating unregulated or regulated claims, considering the available minerals, and checking the expiry dates. The good thing is that many people are shifting to organic beauty products since they are available in a wide variety, protect the skin, help in preserving the environment, and they do not disturb body hormones.

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  • Very interesting! I didn’t know that the label “natural” was not regulated and does not really mean that the product is natural. I tend to buy organic and cruelty-free products.
    Sometimes I keep products a few weeks after their expiry dates, because they often last longer than the indicated expiry date, but when a product has no preservatives, then that is not possible, of course. Now, with this information it will be a little easier to understand all the labels.

    • ola.young

      Hi Christine, thank you for your comment. Yes, unfortunately it’s not regulated at all, and by choosing organic and cruelty-free products you are doing great. Don’t keep products after their expiry dates and if they are with no preservatives leave them in the fridge if you can.

  • This is really interesting. I had no idea that labeling a product as ‘natural’ may have no meaning at all or that beauty products have expiry dates. There are some really helpful tips in this article. Thank you!

    • ola.young

      That is very true. I have learned that a couple of years ago and since that, I am really checking carefully the list of ingredients on each product. Have a great day Madeleine!

  • Very informative article! I am always on the lookout for organic, all natural face products and make up. the information that you provide is very helpful in knowing what to look for. I never even thought about the expiry of organic face products and that they expire sooner because they don’t have any chemicals in them. Some really good things to remember! Thanks!

  • Great post, Olga, I am so glad to read an article about organic stuff. I sometimes feel lonely in my search for organic, safe products as a lot of people couldn’t care less. Over here in Spain it is really hard to find zero waste, organic products. And whenever there is a shop, it lasts for half a year max, because there just is no interest. What a pity, isn’t it?

    • ola.young

      Hi Hannie, thank you for your comment. It’s so sad it’s like that. But I think it’s quite normal in the southern part of Europe. I used to live in Croatia in past and it was exactly the same over there. Let’s hope it’s gonna change in future.

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