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Roses are the perfect ornamental plants of the ancient and modern times. The use of roses for beauty and health benefits is well featured in the history of man. There are thousands of rose varieties distributed worldwide, but one rose variety stands at the top; Bulgarian roses. This variety, thanks to its medicinal properties, is not only grown in Bulgaria but also all over the world.

Bulgaria is still up to date popular for the production of this high-end rose variety. The uniqueness of the Bulgarian rose variety mainly comes from where it is grown; the Rose valley. The Rose Valley has excellent climatic conditions such as frequent light rains and enough sunlight. This, coupled with geographical characteristics such as waving landscapes and natural magnetic fields, makes this area the best in the world to cultivate roses.Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

One innovation that improved how compounds in roses benefit human health-wise is the science of formulating roses into rose water and rose oil. Again, the Bulgarian rose variety became the best choice for rose water production, considering its excellent oil-bearing properties. If you are a beauty and health enthusiast, you must have come across Bulgarian rose water in the products you use.

How is Bulgarian rose water made?

This aromatic and therapeutic liquid can be made using two main processes, simmering and distillation. Simmering is simply putting freshly picked rose petals in a pot with water and then bring the mixture to a boil gently for a few minutes. The heat of the boiling water extracts some of the oil and color in rose petals. The water is decanted or filtered, cooled, and stored for later use.

The distillation process is more capital intensive but effective for the production of commercial rose water. Here, the freshly picked petals are put in the fractionating column of a steam distiller, and the solvent at the bottom heated to produce steam. The steam on interaction with the rose petals extracts most of the oils collected after condensation and stored as rose water.

What is the benefit of Bulgarian rose water and why is it different from rose water?

If we compare the benefits of Bulgarian rose water with any other rose water, it will be clear that the Bulgarian variety deserves the title’ special product.’ Even if we go back to the ancient times, you will see that it is only the Bulgarian rose water that was used in ceremonies such as marriages as a symbol of purity and love and not any other rose water.Forever Young Tips

The specialty in Bulgarian rose water originates from the numerous health-benefiting components that this variety has, compared with other types. It is documented that the Bulgarian rose water contains more than 280 macro and micronutrients. Many of these components are very important in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

To help you understand why Bulgarian rose water is an indispensable health and beauty product, let look in detail some of its benefits.

Bulgarian Rose water in skincare

When it comes to skincare, the Bulgarian rose water has remained top of the pack. People trying the Bulgarian rose water and related products in skincare care strategies always wish they had known this powerful product earlier. First of all, the Bulgarian rose water has been applied to the skin as a single entity to do the following:

• Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and maintain a youthful look for a long.

• Clean and tone the skin due to its astringent characteristic.

• Reduce acne, eczema and dermatitis, considering that it has excellent antioxidant properties.

• Fasten healing of wounds and scars due to its antimicrobial property.

• Help control excess oils on the skin.

• Help strengthen and regenerate skin cells and tissues due to its antioxidant characteristics.

• Balance the pH of the skin.

• Treat sunburns because of its satisfactory soothing property.

The skin benefits of the Bulgarian rose water do not end here. Several skin care products are formulated with Bulgarian rose water to improve their effectiveness. The most famous Bulgarian rose water skincare products are face masks, face sprays, and face moisturizers.

Bulgarian rose water is infused in face masks to add to the skin’s freshness and healthy glow when applied. If formulated into face sprays, the Bulgarian rose water controls the sebum’s activities bringing a fresh look and feel all day long. Rose water is also great in enhancing the skin’s hydration, the primary reason it is added in moisturizers.Forever Young Tips

Bulgarian rose water in Haircare

The other benefits of Bulgarian rose water are spread in this area. First, this product is a perfect natural hair conditioner. Its anti-inflammatory property helps eliminate scalp inflammations and improve scalp circulation. As seen in the skincare section, the moisturizing and hydrating properties are also used to keep the hair healthier, smoother and shinier. This product is also great in eliminating dandruff.

Bulgarian rose water in mind and emotions tuning

Rose water has a mind soothing scent and is hence used in aromatherapy. The Bulgarian rose water’s aroma can enhance the mood, bringing a more relaxed feel and reduced anxiety. The aroma from the Bulgarian rose can also improve the quality of sleep.

Bulgarian rose water for drinking

Beyond the cosmetic and hair add-ons arena, Bulgarian rose water can also be formulated to be consumed internally. Since not all Bulgarian rose water is indigestible, you should be specific with what you want when you visit a cosmetics shop. Internally consumed Bulgarian rose water has benefits, including balancing energy levels, improving digestion, and aiding the carrying of waste materials and toxins from the liver.Forever Young Tips

The bottom line

The Bulgarian rose water is clearly a must-have product in a home and especially if you are looking to have a successful skincare regime. If you want to enjoy the rose plant’s real benefits, don’t just go for any other variety; stick to the Bulgarian variety. Beware that the market is also populated with low-grade rose water and related products. Always ensure that you purchase your Bulgarian rose water in a tried and tested shop.

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  • Thank you for introducing such an amazing and essential beauty item – organic Bulgarian rose water. I just to ask if there is any difference in effectiveness on the white rose water and normal rose water? which one would you recommend?

    Thank you

    • admin

      Hi Habib, in general terms the white rose has a lighter fragrance than the red rose. I personally prefer to use a white one. Let me do the research and I will create a new post to clarify this.

  • Yoana


    Thank you for your review on the Bulgarian Rose Water. After you explained that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and maintains a youthful look for a long time I would definitely give it a try. Also, I am pleased to read that can also help strengthen and regenerate skin cells and tissues due to its antioxidant characteristics.

    It seems it is a nature miracle!

    • admin

      Hi Yoana, It certainly is a natural miracle. This product is just fantastic, my skin looks much better. Give it a try and let me know if you are happy with it 🙂

  • I’m so much ignorant about the beauty and health benefits of roses. I am never known that it is good for the skin and hair.
    I grow roses with various colors on my terrace, and I love the smells so dearly.
    Can I use them to similar to the Bulgarian rose water?

    Thank you for sharing,

  • I have heard about the hydrating properties of rose water but had no idea it had so many other amazing benefits not just for the skin but the hair, mind and general well being.

    I would really like to try Bulgarian rose water, when using to help calm the mind and aid sleep would you recommend putting it in a diffuser.

    • You are so right Amy, it’s got many more benefits. Bulgarian rose water is my favourite and I use it several times a day.
      If you wish to use some for your diffuser, definitely go for rose essential oil, that’s suitable for diffusers and will scent your room amazingly.

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