Pure Natural Essential Oils: Find Out the Great Benefits

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Organic essential oils come with several health benefits. It is essential to check out the several essential oils available in the market before you can buy one. There are two main types of essential oils. You can get organic essential oils or inorganic essential oils. Natural essential oils are grown and processed without the use of harsh chemicals. Some chemicals are used to repel pests. In most cases, the essential oils repel pests naturally in cases where pests tend to persist, such as the case of citrus essential oils. Cultivators tend to use pesticides. The pesticide residues end up in the essential oils. When they are categorized, pesticide residues’ presence makes them fall under the category of inorganic essential oils.

Why should we consider organic essential oils?

Organic essential oils are considered to be safe. There is no use of harsh chemicals, which make many people prefer it over its inorganic counterparts. If you would like to get safe essential oils, then you should consider organic types. They are a bit expensive, but people are willing to buy them due to their safety features. They are the best to buy if you want to get the best results from the use of essential oils. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer organic essential oils:

High safety standards

The organic essential oils are prepared while adhering to high safety standards. There are minimal chances of getting contaminated during the growing or even the processing process. There is no use of pesticides or harsh chemicals during processing. The essential oils work well to allow users to enjoy high safety standards.

Why are organic essential oils different?

Organic essential oils are different from their organic counterparts due to their formulation. They are pure essential oils that contain less or even no impurities. The process of preparing organic essential oils aims at eliminating any form of contamination. You can get such types of essential oils, and they will smell different. People who are used to essential oils are quick to note the difference. There is a big difference between the organic essential oils and others. Their smell tends to be rich. Many brands that are known to make organic essential oils attract a lot of customers who are after buying high-quality ingredients.

What are the benefits of natural essential oils?

Nontoxic essential oils come with several benefits. They have a wide range of applications. Some people use them as aphrodisiacs, sinus relief, arthritis, pain management, and improving emotions. There are several types of essential oils out there. You need to go for one that is known to have certain effects on your body. For instance, people who would like to manage headaches can go for essential oils known to treat headaches.

1. Essential oils to manage skin irritations

People who suffer from skin irritations can apply essential oils such as tea tree oil to manage the irritations. The essential oil is known to manage eczema, among other skin complications. It is also useful in providing relief against insect bites and sunburn. Many people have applied the skin treatment out there, and it has played a significant role in making them get quick relief.

2. Helps manage indigestion

There are cases where you may be faced with indigestion. In such a case, it will be easy for you to manage the health complication through the application of essential oils. There are several types of essential oils out there, and you need to look for one that is known to offer quick relief when you have been affected by indigestion issues.

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3. Common Cold Remedies

Some essential oils, such as lavender and pine, are highly effective in helping people deal with common cold issues. If you have been affected by the common cold, then you can try lavender essential oil. It is an effective remedy that works naturally to help you manage the issue of the common cold. Many people have been trying the remedy and, in most cases, are very happy. You can try the remedy, and it will work well towards helping you deal with the issue of common cold and sinus congestion.

4. Essential Oils for Arthritis

People who have arthritis tend to suffer from inflammation and pain. The application of essential oils can help in managing pain and inflammation. If you have a loved one who has arthritis, then you can get the pain-relieving essential oils such as lavender and sage. It works perfectly to help you manage the issue of inflammation and chronic pain.

5. Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Application of massage therapy where essential oils are used, plays a significant role in managing the pain associated. There are several essential oils out there, and most of them work well to allow you to enjoy quick relief from pain. The use of essential oils such as lavender and sage can be a great way to manage the issue of pain due to different illnesses. Several types of illnesses can bring about inflammation. You need to get the right essential oil to manage it.

6. Essential Oils for Improving Mood

Essential oils such as jasmine have been proved to be highly effective in helping you improve mood. You need to get such type of essential oil, and it will play a significant role in helping you manage the mood. You may face problems when waking up. You need to try jasmine essential oil. It works well to allow you to stay alert. It is an effective natural remedy that works well to allow you to achieve an improved mood.

7. Essential Oils for Boosting the Immune System

Some essential oils are known to boost your immune system. Application of essential oils such as eucalyptus, cinnamon, oregano, tea tree, sage, and clove have been proved to be highly effective in improving your immunity. You need to try the essential oils, and they will work well towards helping you improve your immunity and they will make you enjoy good health.

Essential oils, especially organic ones, are not only beneficial to improve your health but also they have extremly possitive results for aging skin and wrinkles.

  • Benefit #7 is huge at times like this! I have always just used basic immune boosting foods but that can take a while to prepare sometimes. With the Natural Essential Oils it this could save me a lot of preparation time. I have always wondered what Tea Tree is good for after seeing it in a friends suitcase. Thanks for explaining the benefits because I’m in Tulum Mexico right now and the insects and sun are both not so friendly here. This would be a great time to experiment with Tea Tree Oil!

    • ola.young

      I always pack some of mine essential oils when I travel too. My top travel oils are Citronella, Lemon grass, Tea Tree and Pepermint. If you are thinking to use essential oils also in your diet I would really recommend you to get more information. You can try this book. It’s a guide to use essential oils safely in your food. Safe travels.

  • John

    Thanks for the interesting post. Now I know why organic essential oils are different. I usually try to stay away from chemicals but have gotten lazy when it comes to oils. Your site has reminded me of the importance of high quality products.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • ola.young

      Dear John, I am really pleased that you find my site useful. Unfortunatelly product we usually buy in the store are full of chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, siloxanes and so on. It’s really good to take into consideration toxicity of these skincare products. Chemicals are not only toxic to you but also to aquatic life.

  • Thank you for this great post on natural essential oils benefits.

    I think I am going to try the Jasmine fist and see how I get on with it. Your posts are very educational when choosing natural products for health and well being.

    Best Regards

    • ola.young

      Dear Habib, I am very happy you enjoy my articles. Thank you. Yes, definitelly, give it a try. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great day.

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