Rose Water or Toner? – What’s Better For Your Skin

Rose Water or Toner

Recently, I have been thinking about what is a better solution for your skin. Is it rose water or toner? Rose waters and toners are skincare products that could help you achieve a clean skin and removes any traces of dirt. On the other hand, some rose waters and toners that are available today have added chemicals that could change the PH balance of the skin and lead to skin issues. So, where’s the truth?


Benefits of Rose Water

• It can treat skin conditions.

Rose water can reduce redness and irritation as it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is useful in soothing rosacea skin condition, which causes red bumps, facial redness, and visible blood vessels. Rose Water acts as a natural skincare product for acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dry, flaky skin. Moreover, it is safe for sensitive skin, which causes a soothing effect.

• Rose water has anti-aging properties.

Rose water is a great moisturizer and has vitamins A and C, which have anti-aging properties as they help undo and prevent damage to the skin that results from oxidation. Rose water also helps reduce hyperpigmentation and minimize the formation of fine lines and stretch marks. It also minimizes issues like skin peeling as a result of cell turnover.

• The rose water has antioxidants that heal the skin.

Rose water is high in antioxidants that help prevent the skin from getting damage from free radicals. The petal extracts could protect the fibroblast cells against peroxide-induced skin damage and suppress the reaction of the cells to stressors.

Rose Water or Toner

Why is Rose Water better than Toner

Have you decided yet? Rose water or toner? Rose water is natural, and it helps maintain an optimum skin PH, unlike other toners that could offset the skin PH leading to skin issues. Rose water, moreover, poses astringent properties that help clean the skin pores, which further tones the skin, and regular use could help clear skin issues such as whiteheads, pimples, and acne. The lingering aroma left behind by rose water toners could help uplift your mood. Moreover, chemical toners might dry out the skin leading to more acne breakouts.


How to Choose the Right Rose Water Ingredients

When making your Rose water at home, you could choose petals that have grown without the use of fertilizers as they are more natural. These homegrown have natural ingredients that help tone your skin. When buying Rose water look for ingredients such as Vitamins A and C as they have anti-aging properties. Go for Rose water products that have a moisturizing effect and those with anti-acne products such as Hydroxyl acids. If you are looking for the highest-quality Rose water try one of my favorite – Bulgarian Rosa Damascena.


When And How to Use Rose Water

You would use Rose water two times a day when you are freshening up for the day and after removing the make-up at night.

• Apply Rose water on the face after your cleaning routine. Using a cotton ball to apply the Rose water on the face, you can saturate the cotton ball with the Rose water and gently dab on the face, neck, and chin.

• You could make the body spray using the Rose water, and you can pour the Rose Water in a spray bottle, spritz on the areas of the skin that you need to keep fresh. Should be careful not to spray on the clothes as the toner can stain your fabrics.

• You add moisturizers cream when making the Rose water toners at home as the moisturizers can add more benefits to your homemade product.

• When using Rose water to treat acne, insert clean cotton in the bottle of Rose water until it saturated and dab on the areas that are prone to acne. Rose water can reduce inflammation and redness on the areas that are prone to acne.

• You can add the Rose to the face mask as it enhances it with a natural aroma. It enriches the face mask with anti-inflammatory ingredients and also helps firm the skin.



Rose water is a better toner as it is natural and is loaded with bio active components that promote healthy skin. It has both vitamins A and C, which have anti-aging properties, the natural toner can act as a moisturizer for the skin. Rose water, moreover, is natural and does not offset the skin PH and thus does not result in skin dryness. Rose water should be a must have when it comes to skin care routines.

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  • Hi Ola,

    I had no idea that rosewater had this many benefits. I did realise that after a facial threading session, the lady would dab some rosewater on my face. I thought it was merely to cool the skin down! Enjoyed my read and I think it sounds like the better alternative.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  • This is very interesting and important information you have provided because I did not know there was a difference between Rose Water and Toner until reading this. Also learning that Rose Water is better for the skin is a revelation. I tend to be cautious with skincare products so this is vital information, thank you!

  • Hi Ola, English is not my native language and sometimes I am completely at a loss. When I started reading your article I thought to myself ‘I have no idea what toner is’. (Google didn’t help me because it said toner in Dutch as well, LOL). I concluded they must be 2 separate things, rose water and toner. But then in your conclusion you say ‘Rose water is a better toner’.
    Can you understand my confusion?

    • Hi Hannie, no worries. Do you mean what’s the difference between toner and rose water, right? You use both, toner and rose water in your skincare routine. Most of the toners contain alcohol which drys up the skin and rose water is simply said a natural toner. I hope I answered your question.

  • I have come across many rose waters and rose toners over the years but never knew the difference between them. I have learnt what they are from your article now.
    Rose water has been used in the the beauty products since the ancient times. It has many beauty benefits as I have seen over the years. I think I need to invest some times into growing rose at home and making a rose water myself next year. I would appreciate a recipe or a post on this if you have any.

    In the mean time, I could look into your recommended Bulgarian rose water.

    Thank you

  • I have learnt something new today about rose water. I like the idea that you promote natural remedies it got me interested. I am going to try the rose water for keeping my skin healthy.How often do you recommend usage? Thank you for this.

  • Hello,

    I really like the rose cosmetic all over – according to my opinion it is quite underestimated and people do not know about the effects on the skin. What I did not know is how many vitamins have this water!

    I am using the one from Bulgaria and I love it – it smells so good and is very fresh and easy on the skin.

    Thank you for writing this post, I am bookmarking your website to get more information about the rose water.

    Take care

    Bye, Renata

  • I had no idea that natural rosewater had so many benefits! I am contemplating on growing my own rose garden and this is just another added reason to do so! I am always looking for great skin products and the more natural the better. Obviously this is a great choice and thank you for sharing some trustworthy products I could try in the meantime! Wonderful article!

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