Silicone Facial Brush – Find The Secret To Perfect Skincare Routine

Silicone Facial Brush

When it comes to skincare products and devices, safety, comfortability, and performance are critical. This is even more important for face cleansers, now an integral part of any skincare routine. Although there are tons of cleanser devices out there, nothing can equal what silicone facial cleansers offer. In this article, we will discuss examples of face cleanser devices with silicone brushes to help you understand what this line of beauty devices offer.

Why silicone?

Silicone is not worth the hype for no reason. Here are the benefits of using silicone as a face cleanser:

Ultra-hygienic- Since silicone bristles are non-porous, they are resistant to bacterial hence are more hygienic compared to other cleaning materials such as nylon.

It is waterproof- Silicone is waterproof; hence it is safe to use in shower and bath environments.Silicone Facial Brush

It is super soft- Whether you have normal or sensitive skin, silicone will be incredibly gentle on your skin.

It is more durable- Since silicone is extremely durable, you will only have to buy it once in a lifetime.

How to use a silicone ultrasonic facial cleanser

Although different facial cleansers come with distinct sizes, designs, and cleaning features, the procedure of using them is similar. You can adopt the following procedure when using the ultrasonic facial cleansers discussed below.

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Wet your face with warm water to open the pores on your face skin.

Rinse the silicone face cleanser to eliminate any dirt or cleanser from previous use.

Apply the cleanser on the silicone brush, power it on, and switch to the mode of cleaning that you need.

Move the brush in circular motions to clean, massage, exfoliate, and tone your face. Focus on the hard to clean areas, such as around the eyes, chin and ears. Also, spend more time cleaning areas on your face with skin problems.Silicone Facial Brush

Rinse your face and dry it

Apply a moisturizer on the ultrasonic facial cleanser and use the massaging mode to apply it on your clean face.

Rinse the silicone facial brush and keep it as its storage conditions dictate.

Examples of top silicone facial cleansers

SUNMAY sonic facial cleansing brush

This is a silicone cleaner capable of providing a highly effective clean care experience. This series of silicone cleansers are available in a wide variety of colors. Other than cleaning, this brush is used for other functions, including exfoliation and massage. This brush is also waterproof, but the charging port must be covered when using it.

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It is programmed with 15 speeds

If you want to restore your youthful look instantly, this brush is designed just for you. This silicone brush can vibrate 1500-7000 times per minute. The speed control is easy to use and can be used to attain different skin benefits. The high speeds and the front side can be used for exfoliation purposes, while the lower speeds and the backside of this cleaning brush can be used to eliminate facial lines and for massage purposes.

Safety features

This brush is designed with food-grade liquid silicone along with tons of antimicrobial touchpoints that make it a safe product to use on the skin. This skin cleaning brush does not cause irritation and is safe to use for both normal and sensitive skin. The vibration uses maximum power but minimum effort to offer deep cleansing, massage and skin exfoliation.

A leaf design

If you have experienced problems cleaning the areas around the nose, eyes and years, this brush can be your rescue. The SUNMAY sonic facial brush’s design resembles that of a leaf and hence has a pointed tip that you can use to access these hard to clean areas.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

This is a facial cleanser that combines sonic pulsations and a non –abrasive silicone brush to provide practical, safe and gentle facial cleansing. The Foreo Luna series uses an ultrasonic facial brush that can be integrated into any skincare routine, considering that it is fully waterproof, compact and travel friendly. This facial brush is available in a wide variety of colors that you can choose from.

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Customizable settings

The 8000 transdermal sonic pulsations per minute and the eight cleansing intensities can be altered to switch between different cleaning functions.

Comfort and performance features

The Foreo Luna Mini brush has a bigger brush head with longer touchpoints to reach more areas. The silicone body is also thicker, making this facial brush more comfortable to use.

Unique design

The nonporous and ultra-hygienic silicone resists bacteria buildup making this facial brush safe to use. The touchpoints are softer than other ultrasonic facial brush varieties and hence is very gentle on the skin.

3-zone technology

The touchpoints of this facial brush have three zones, each with a cleaning function. The thinner touch-points gently clean both normal and sensitive skin. Thicker brush head touchpoints are used when you require more precision cleaning. The third zone comprises broader touch points on the other side of the brush meant to clean oily skin.

PMD Clean

This is a smart silicone face cleanser commonly used by beauty enthusiasts who want to regain their youthful look effortlessly. The PMD clean operates at a frequency perfect to lift, firm, and tone the areas on your skin experiencing problems. It comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from.

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Four modes technology- There are two cleaning modes; gentle vibration and intense vibration and two ant-aging modes, gentle pulsation and intense pulsation.

Waterproof- This facial brush is safe to use in a wet environment as it is fully waterproof. The charging port should, however, be covered to avoid damage to internal components by water.

Optimized bristle pattern- This facial brush comes with two kinds of bristles. There are large bristles on the top side of the brush meant for targeted and deep cleansing. The smaller silicone bristles are used for gentle but effective cleaning.

Has an instant turn off- Normally, many facial cleansers require that you switch off all the cleaning modes to turn off the device. The PMD Clean does not require this as it has an instant turn off button.

The bottom line

As seen in the ultrasonic facial cleansers above, Silicone is a unique material that can be used to upgrade your skin. If you want to attain clear and glowing skin, you should acquire one of these facial cleansers, and the benefits will speak for themselves. Before using any silicone scrubber or brush, you should assess your face to ensure that it does not have severe skin conditions. The good thing with silicone face cleansers is that they are extra gentle, whether you have normal or sensitive skin.

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  • Ola,

    This looks like a good skin care routine actually. I like the silicone brush idea since it’s soft enough to not damage the skin which is important since skin is delicate on the face more than any other part. I appreciate this review! I’ll have to pass this on to my friends that have been looking for a good skin care brush.



    • ola.young

      Thanks a lot Katrina, I really appreciate your comment. I can strongly recommend ultrasonic silicone brush for everyone who wants to keep up great skincare routine! I used to have problems with blackheads in the past and since I use ultrasonic brush I have no blackheads at all. Reach out if you have any question!

  • Foreo Luna 2 is the most popular one and the best fit in my opinion. I have never used it because I find it too pricey, but I have seen a lot of reviews and videos of influencers using it. Is there a more budget-friendly version that still has similar quality as the Foreo Luna 2?

    • ola.young

      Dear Delana, Thanks a lot for your comment. So do you use any other ultrasonic brush? I would be happy if you can share your experience. Unfortunately, I have no experience with Foreo Luna 2, you can find a review for Foreo Luna Mini 2 in my post. Hopefully, at some point, I will be able to create a review for this device as well. Have a look here, to see the differences
      If you are on a tight budget try Sunmay sonic facial, it’s the first one in the review.

  • Hey, Ola, awesome post, I love it!

    I like the first item on your list because it makes massage on the skin which is great since it increases blood flow and thus, can add freshness.

    Thank you for sharing!


    • ola.young

      Thanks Natalie, I really appreciate your comment. Sunmay Sonic Facial Brush is a really awesome device, I can’t agree more. I am really happy to hear that you like this product. Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi! Thanks for the detailed review. All the products seems to be good.
    Though, I’m using Foreo Luna 2! I got it as a gift last year, and works great!
    So, I bet, the Foreo Mini 2 will be good as well.

  • Hi, good review I just like those products, my daughter bought me for my birthday the oval sonic facial cleansing brush and it’s a very good product I love it, I used it every morning and every night.
    Thank you for sharing with us, I’m going to show that to my daughter.

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