The Worst Food For Your Skin: What To Avoid Over The Christmas Season

The Worst Food For Your Skin

During the Christmas holiday, we are often tempted by many different types of food. While many of these food dishes are delicious, not all of them are good for you. During this time of year, our skin can really suffer. Not only does the cold weather wreck-havoc on our skin, so does some of the foods we eat. If you would like to keep your skin healthy during the holidays, you should avoid these temptations. Below we will explain why these foods are so bad for your skin and offer you some alternatives to replace them with.

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Spicy Food

The first food on the list is spicy food. Many of you love spicy food, and most spicy dishes are delicious. However, most spicy foods are not good for your skin. When you eat spicy food, it can irritate the skin by dilating the blood vessels. This causes the skin to be uneven, which can make you look tired. Spicy food can also be bad for your digestive system, which can also affect your skin. Those with inflamed digestive systems can suffer from skin issues as well. The old saying, “you are what you eat” is absolutely true especially when it comes to spicy foods and your skin.

The Worst Food For Your Skin

Deep-Fried Food

Just like spicy food, deep-fried dishes can be very yummy. But most of you already know that deep-fried food can be the worst food for you. Deep-fried foods are cooked with vegetable oils that have been refined. Safflower oil, peanut oil, and canola oil are loaded with what is known as trans-fats. Oily foods are never good for the skin, and if you already have skin conditions, deep-fried foods can make them worse. Oil irritates the skin which will make you look older. To eat healthy during the holidays, you should replace the deep fryer with an air fryer. Air fryers don’t use oil which is better for your overall health and your skin.


Refined Sugar

Foods that contain refined sugar is everywhere during the holidays. From candies to cookies, refined sugar is in just about every treat. It can also be in many foods that you normally would not expect it to be. For example, bread, crackers, and even some kinds of pasta contain refined sugar. But why is it so bad for your skin? Refined sugar can make the skin aged prematurely. It can lead to dehydration, wrinkles, dark undereye circles, and dry skin. Refined sugar should be avoided during Christmas due to its harmful effects not only on the skin but the entire body. If you still want to enjoy something sweet, you can replace refined sugar with raw honey or maple syrup. These two alternatives are great for you, and they are high in minerals.

The Worst Food For Your Skin


Cheese, milk, and other dairy products are often a part of holiday celebrations. What holiday event would be complete without a cheese plater? While dairy is very appealing to the taste buds, it is not as good for your skin. In fact, it can be downright bad for your skin. Dairy has been linked to many different skin conditions including acne. It can cause excess estrogen buildup which can cause many different health issues. Dairy can also be inflammatory which can make your skin look terrible. If you have to have your milk and cookies during the holidays, why not substitute regular milk with almond or cashew milk? These non-dairy products taste remarkably similar to regular milk and are exceptionally good for your health.


Junk Food

During the holidays, many people indulge in a wide range of junk foods. Many often feel that it’s ok to cheat on their diet because it is Christmas. However, this can mess up your skin for many months to come. Junk foods are often filled with refined sugars, trans fats, and ingredients that are simply not good for your body. Instead of hitting the potato chip aisle, why not head over to the produce department? You can create some really interesting snack foods using veggies.

The Worst Food For Your Skin


A morning cup of coffee is great during the colder months. But coffee can wreck your skin and make you look older than you are. The reason why coffee is so bad for your skin is that it makes you insulin resistant. Coffee can lead to a spike in insulin and blood sugar, this makes your body produce more oils. As you probably already know, oily skin can cause a host of skin issues including acne. After drinking coffee, your skin can become inflamed and over time, you will age prematurely. Having just a few cups of coffee during the holidays can have a negative effect on the skin. To save your skin, look for an alternative to coffee. Lemon water is a great replacement for coffee. It can perk you up and it hydrates the body which will make your skin look great!

The Worst Food For Your Skin


The worst food for your skin is alcohol. Drinking alcohol will quickly dehydrate the skin causing it to look old. Having just a few drinks can lower your body’s ability to block free radicals which can cause premature aging. These free radicals can make your skin more prone to sun damage and other environmental hazards. Many of us tend to overdo drinking during this festive time of year. But if you want to look your best, you should limit your intake. There are many alternatives to alcohol including non-alcoholic beer and sparkling fruit juices. If you do drink, make sure to stay hydrated during the holidays. With each alcoholic drink, have a drink a glass of water behind it.


If you would like to go into the New Year with great skin, please avoid these foods. Instead of indulging in these foods, try to find healthy alternatives. Hit the veggie tray instead of the fondue pot, and your skin will thank you! Having a healthy diet is not only good for your skin, but it is good for your entire body as well. By watching what you eat during Christmas will help you look and feel much better.

  • Thabo

    Thank you for these tips. I am glad that I am not one of those people who eat these types of food because I am vegan.

    I can say that ever since I started this diet that my skin and body has been so much healthier.

  • Yoana

    Thank you for your article. I can definitely say I eat a lot of spicy food and I had no idea is so bad for my skin. I always thought spicy food is good for digestion as it burns more calories. It is worrying to read an article like yours and realise that I have been abusing spicy food and harmed my skin.

    Thank you for the information.

    • Dear Yoana, no worries, you are not the only one. I also love spicy food! If you’re eating a moderate and varied diet there shouldn’t be a problem. At least you are aware that spicy food doesn’t benefit your skin. Have a lovely Christmas.

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