Ultrasonic Facial Spatula – Use This Facial Device At Home

Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

Ultrasonic spatula is also referred to as ultrasonic skin scrubber and gives vibrations as strong as 30,000 Hz that removes all dirt hidden on skin pores. This leaves the skin deeply cleansed, allowing maximum absorption of various skincare products. Apart from being usable at home, it’s also used professionally in spas and salons. This facial device comes in handy for any skin type. It helps get rid of the dullness and ugly marks that occur on the skin due to continuous skin regeneration.


How to Use Ultrasonic Facial Spatula At Home

Most ultrasonic spatula devices come with instructions on how to use them at home. However, there is a general outline that you should follow and also pay attention to all precautions. Here are some tips on how to use this device at home to deep clean your skin.

  • Start with washing the face by following your regular daily routine. This means using the right product for your skin type.
  • Make sure your skin is wet before you use the skin scrubber. When applied on dry skin, the device doesn’t work well. You can wet your face with a toner or just ordinary water and keep doing it until you are done exfoliating.
  • Plugin the skin scrubber into a power source and switch it on using the button marked “ON” and select the best setting mode according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, the cleaning features should be your first option as they clear the pores.

Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

  • As you start working on your skin with the spatula, hold it slanted at an angle of 30 degrees against your face. Apply little pressure and let it glide on the skin gently and it will penetrate the skin pores, and remove dead cells, blackheads, debris, oil, and other dirt.
  • When done with the exfoliation, part the skin dry; apply a toner and a moisturizer.
  • Use the backside of the spatula to go over the skin until all products are entirely absorbed.

While skincare through exfoliation has many benefits, you should allow enough time for the skin to recover. Overdoing it can harm the skin, but when done moderately, it keeps the skin healthy and radiant.

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How does an ultrasonic spatula work?

An ultrasonic spatula is used in skin exfoliation, a process that helps to remove old and dead cells on the skin. The skin sheds cells every 30 days, and when the dead ones accumulate, they make the skin look dull and sometimes can lead to blemishes or scaling.

Using an ultrasonic spatula helps exfoliate the skin safely. According to Samir Mitragotri, a chemical engineering, Ph.D. assistant professor from the University of California sound vibrations based on low-frequency ultrasound disrupts the skin barrier function gently and safely. These sound waves form small spaces among skin cells, which allow quick absorption of serums and creams while giving it a bright appearance. It is an easy process, and when the right steps are followed, it brings out the beauty of the skin after several sessions.


Benefits of Skin Care with Ultrasonic Spatula

  • Gets Rid Of Flaky Skin

People with dry skin issues are to suffer from flaky skin. If not removed properly, peeling the flakes can result in bleeding and pain. But, ultrasonic spatula does it gently and promotes the formation of new cells.

  • Removal unsightly dark spots and patches

There many causes of dark spots and patches including aging, acne, or hormonal changes in the body. These are some of the ugly looking skin problems that require a quick solution. Facial scrub with the right device can help eliminate the dark patches and allow beautiful skin lying beneath to come into life.

Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

  • Painless extraction of blackheads

Blackheads occur when oil, dust, and dirt get clogged in your skin pores. With time, they solidify and become difficult to get rid of. If the blackheads are not extracted properly, the process can be painful. However, ultrasonic spatula offers a painless way to cleanse skin pores and remove blackheads instantly.

  • Slows skin aging

When there is little or no collagen on the skin, it develops wrinkles and fine lines. It is common in people who expose themselves to sun rays or have naturally dry skin. Using ultrasonic skin spatula can trigger the production of tightening fibers on the skin, which leads to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin with time.

  • Lowers secretion of sebum

The main cause of acne is sebum overproduction. It makes the skin dull and if proper care is not taken, blackheads form on the skin. The excess oil becomes a good breeding environment for bacteria and causes an acne outbreak. You can prevent this using face scrub with an ultrasonic spatula. It cleanses deeply and removes unwanted sebum secretion, and with time reveals your lost skin glow.

  • Enhance blood circulation

The vibration is given by ultrasonic spatula massages facial cells, which increases oxygenation through increased blood circulation. As the skin cells get healthy, the glow is revealed on the outside. Simple face scrub with the right device gives you these results.

How often should you use an ultrasonic spatula?

A skin scrubbing spatula works magic on bad looking skin. However, you should not use it daily, no matter how gentle it feels, overusing it can hurt your skin. Use it at least once per week for brilliant healthy skin.

Risks of using an ultrasonic spatula

Ultrasonic spatula is safe to use, but if not properly handled, it can cause bruising or damage to capillaries. No matter how bad your skin looks, let the device glide gently to avoid interfering with the natural functions of the skin. Also, make sure you lubricate or moisturize the skin before using the device.

Is it worth buying?

An ultrasonic spatula is worth every coin you spend on it. It has numerous benefits for the skin that you can easily achieve while at home. It is a one-time investment that you will use for a long time. This device has been used for decades in salons and spas and its effectiveness proven over the years. So, buy yours and rejuvenate your skin effortlessly.

Where to buy ultrasonic spatula?

Check out our TOP devices.

Ultrasonic Face Scrubber ANLAN

Beauty device with 4 functions adopts the latest German technology, including ultrasonic cleaning, ion + derivation, ion – moisture, and EMS lifting, which are effective, gentle, and painless for facial cleansing, dead skin remover, acne treatment, nutrient absorption, wrinkle remover, anti-aging, skin tightening, face lifting and safely suitable for all skin type. Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

Beauty Lifting Tool MISERWE with Two Silicone Cases

The face skin scrubber uses high-frequency vibrations at 24,000 HZ to deeply clean the skin. It helps gently exfoliate, clean blackheads, comedones, dead skin, oil, and dirt from your face. Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lift and tighten the skin, rejuvenate your skin. Function Ion+ helps remove blackheads, dead skin, oil, and dirt from your face. Function Ion- helps skin quickly absorb nutrition from skin care products.Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

New Style Skin Scrubber COMEZY 2020

Through high-frequency vibration, the skin spatula can clean blackheads, whiteheads, keratin, dead skin, acne quickly which is a totally gentle exfoliating procedure. And leaving skin bright, shiny, and elastic. The thin and micro U-shaped spatula head can perfectly fit into each dead angle, the blackhead can easily overflow when the skin was pressed gently by micro-current high-frequency vibration. More effective skin cleaning than traditional equipment. Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

Upgraded Skin Scrubber VILTOWICE with Hot Compress

Through high-frequency vibration, the skin spatula helps removes blackheads, whiteheads, absorb nutrients, make the skin bright, shiny, and elastic. Blade heating promotes the blood circulation of the skin, helps to open pores, enhances nutrition absorption, improves oily skin.

Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

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  • Hi Ola,

    I’ve never heard of a facial spatula, and the concept sounds so weird! However, everything you say makes sense, and I can see how it could work well to get skin looking much better. I also clicked on a couple of your recommendations and was very pleasantly surprised with the price- from the description, and knowing that it’s a tool that’s used professionally, I definitely thought it would be an extremely expensive device.

    Maybe I finally found something that could get rid of old blackheads and make my skin look really nice.

    Thanks for this information, and for the recommendations!

    • ola.young

      Hi Jade, thanks for your comment. The ultrasonic scrubber was used only by the professionals in the past, luckily for us, we can use this device at home for an affordable price. If you will decide to purchase an ultrasonic spatula, make sure to use it correctly, and follow the guidelines to prevent any skin damage.

  • I’ve never heard of this product. It looks amazing. What’s it like for seniors? I’m so glad I came across your blog, I would like to know more about this product.

    • ola.young

      Hi Yvonne, an ultrasonic spatula can be used in an age, not only does it deep clean and exfoliate your skin, but an ultrasonic scrubber also improves your texture and tone of your skin and enhanced the absorption of serums, and moisturizers. If you have any questions reach out anytime.

  • Hi Ola,

    This device sounds pretty neat actually. I worked at a health club some years back, and they had started hiring cosmetologists to do hydrofacials. It’s something that they only did in limited clubs, like a really high end one and the women’s only one.
    I volunteered to be the guinea pig when they asked around, who would try out these devices before applying them to customers. I have to admit, my face felt great after! I started going on the club tours with them to show the customers the demonstrations and to market the new product.
    I miss how my face felt after each one.
    These ones that you reviewed remind me of the ones they used. Thanks for sharing this information!!


  • I’ve always thought about getting one of these but was worried about damaging my skin.
    I like how there’s a few different options on which ones to get with a description so the research is done for me.
    Thank you for this review 🙂

    • ola.young

      Hi Tina, I totally understand your worries. I was worried as well, I have watched a lot of YouTube videos, reviews, and descriptions and learned how to use it safely. Ultrasonic spatula is skin’s best friend now:-)

  • Satz

    Skin scrubbing is one of the most essential parts of the skincare routine. However many do not scrub their skin using a skincare spatula for the worry that they would end up damaging the skin. You have outlined essential tips that would help to use a skin spatula without hurting your skin tissues. Your post gives me lot of confidence and I am going to implement these points to have a healthy and glowing skin.

    • ola.young

      Hi Satz, so happy to hear that! Go for it, let your skin glow. Ultrasonic Spatula is one of my favourite devices and if used correctly it’s gonna be your best friend.

  • Wow, I have never even heard of these devices but they sound great. Do you have a preference or are they all pretty similar. It’s hard to uniformly expoliate using a regular exfoliator – it sounds like this could do a much better job.

    One thing I learned recently is that because your skin repairs itself overnight, it’s best to do exfoliation procedures at bed time rather than what I used to do i.e. exfoliate when I had a big night out then slap lots of make-up on!

    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews.



    • ola.young

      Hi Jean, I have now the first one we are recommending, Ultrasonic spatula ANLAN, and I am happy with it. If I needed to purchase a new one, I would definitelly go for some upgraded device with hot compress for example. You can have a look at our recommended devices. You are right, that’s correct, any skin care routine such as deep clean and other procedures are better to do before bed time rather then in the morning. Take care Jean.

  • After reading the ultrasonic facial spatula review, I truly feel this is the answer to not only ladies but men’s skin issues. I am so glad I have come onto your page to learn about this amazing product and look into buying it in future. If anyone want a celebrity skin, the ultrasonic facial spatula is the product to buy.

    Thank you for this amazing review.

    All the best

    • ola.young

      Hi Habib, happy for you. And I can only recommend it! I use an ultrasonic facial scrubber once a week and I am more than happy with the results. It’s one of my favorites devices. Thank you and have a great day.

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