What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser

What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser

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The best wellness routine is those that you can easily fit in your daily life. For example, an essential oil diffuser is a wonderful way to bring elements into your home to change your space into something peaceful. Plus, this aromatic room freshener does not require a lot of effort and also makes an excellent decor for your room.

With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about an essential oil diffuser.


What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser, and What Does It Do?

An oil diffuser is a device that breaks the oil into smaller molecules and disperses the proper amount in the air. The aroma from the essential oils creates a calming and pleasant effect. Keep in mind that different essential oils have different functions; for example, lavender helps support sleep and relaxation.

What Are The Benefits of an Essential Oil Diffuser?

There are a variety of benefits to using oil diffusers such as:


If you are having trouble sleeping, then lavender, mandarin, or Roman chamomile oil can do the trick. Make sure to turn on the diffuser for 15 minutes before bedtime, and you are in heaven.

Treats Cold and Flu

If you diffuse eucalyptus, rosemary, and thyme, it can help clear the air to promote better breathing.

Mental Clarity

Diffusing basil, lemon, or peppermint can promote mental clarity to help you finish a project or learn new information for an exam.

Enhance mood

If you’re going through significant stress or depression, an essential oil diffuser in your room can help uplift your mood and alleviate stress.What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser

Learn more about organic essential oils.

Find the Best Aromatherapy Diffuser for you

The two most common types of diffusers are Nebulizers and Ultrasonic diffusers. What is the difference? Nebulizers are very powerful diffusers and don’t require any water to dispense the oil.  If you purchase Nebulizer, the released aroma is intense, created in a short time. Nebulizers are more expensive than ultrasonic diffusers and also considered as the best type of diffusion. Ultrasonic diffusers bring more moisture to the air, because the water is used to dilute essential oils. To scent the room takes much longer than with nebulizer.

Here are Forever Young’s diffuser choices:

What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser

Asakuki, Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser, 500 ml
Forever Young’s #1 Smart Device
$ 35.99

Diffuser has large water tank allowing you to extend the period of use up to 16 hours. Suitable for spacious rooms. 5 in 1 device with simple design, works as oil diffuser and also a cool mist humidifier. You can choose from multiple LED light colors and use voice control with Alexa or Google Home.


What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser

MiniDiva High-Frequency Nebulizer

Forever Young’s #1 Travelling choice
$ 69.99


No more water! Enjoy the fragrance of pure essential oils. This device is super quiet, starts within 2 minutes and save your money thanks to energy-efficient design. MiniDiva has wireless design, suitable for your travels, business trips or camping.


Essential Oil Bracelet Diffuser

AromaLove London, Cat Eye Diffuser Bracelet

Forever Young’s #1 Jewelery Nebolizer
$ 26.97


The unique diffuser bracelet from one piece, hypoallergenic 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. You will also get 9 reusable, super absorbent diffuser pads. This stunning bracelet can be also a great gift for men and women of all ages. Are you alergic to parfumes or synthetic fragrances? This little aromatherapy tool can provide you with a long lasting scent of your favourite essential oil.


What Are Some Safety Tips for Using An Essential Oil Diffuser?

When it comes to oil diffuser, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Clean the diffuser if the oil or water has been sitting for more than 1 to 2 days. This is to prevent microorganisms from growing and diffusing into the air.
  • If you have young children in the house, it’s best to diffuse for a shorter period of time.
  • Do not leave oil lamps with open flames unattended.
  • Make sure the diffusers are located in a safe area where children are not able to reach it.
  • Do not use essential oils internally.
  • Do you not exceed the recommended dose for the diffuser.


How to Properly Maintain Your Essential Oil Diffuser?

You don’t have to clean the diffuser after each use, but it’s best to clean it once in a while. Before cleaning, make sure that everything is unplugged. Then spill out any remaining water, and wipe the tank clean with soap and cloth. You can run the diffuser with water along with a couple of drops of vinegar for deep cleaning purposes. After cleaning, make sure to rinse and dry all the equipment thoroughly.



Purchasing an aromatherapy diffuser can make your room smell like heaven. It also has a lot of wellness benefits, such as better sleep, mental sharpness, and relaxation.

Keep in mind that each essential oil serves a different purpose and that there are various types of oil diffusers. Once you find what you are looking for, then you are ready to experience ecstasy.

  • Hi Ola, I love these defuser suggestions some of which are completely new to me. I’m getting ready for a new one so this has given me some different options. I would normally use one with water, I didn’t know about the nebulisers.
    The bracelet is really cool too.
    I think I will probably end up getting the smart one, it seems to have everything going for it. Do you know if you can get wireless ones?

  • Just what I needed – info on diffusers! 🙂 Thanks for this post and the valuable information which I have not had the time to research on. Know I understand exactly what the benefits of diffusers are. I love the AromaLove London diffuser bracelet – beautiful while being versatile as a perfume diffuser- I will be purchasing this. Thanks.

  • Lana

    My friend recommend me this a lot! Because I have problem with my nose and my bf has strong alergies so I was about to think to buy. But does it ok with the small room? Also with my bf alergies, would it gives any effect if I just turn it on inside closed room or should I turn it on to clear up the air with open room. We have super big window tho

    • admin

      Hi Lana,

      It’s absolutelly fine in the small rooms. For you, I would highly recommend Asakuki ultrasonic diffuser. 
      This device also humidify the air so you will breathe better. Can’t really tell if it’s suitable for your boyfriend as I am not aware of his alergies. I can reassure you that most of the people using diffusers never experience any adverse reaction.

  • Christine

    Hi there,

    I love essential oils, and those diffusers are great! Especially in the evening, before you go to bed, it sets the right atmosphere for sleeping. I love the Mini Diva High frenquency Nebulizer, because it is wireless, so I don’t have to keep it charged all the time, do I? If I can take it with me on travels, I can also charge it with my car battery, right?

    The bracelet is also pretty awesome! You can wear it anywhere, so if you find yourself in a stressful environment, your bracelet can diffuse calming mist or fragrances. The bracelet would be a great gift.

    • ola.young

      Dear Christine,

      You are absolutelly right, diffusers are great to use before bedtime. MiniDiva is excellent. I got this nebulizer at home and for me it’s number one as I can take it anywhere. There is built-in lithium battery which allows the nebulizer to work full 8 hours. MiniDiva has USB charger so you can charge it in the car without any issues.

      Bracelet is something I really recommend especially if you don’t like synthetic parfumes and fragrances. You will love it.

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